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   Mirrored ceilings, velvet floors,
   a chauffeur driven limousine.
   The Party can never start,
   until you make the scene.
   Learning nothing, leaving less,
   faster faster never slow down.
   Lost in the silver lining,
   locked in the merry-go-round.
   The silver spoon begins to tarnish,
   the music, the booze, the midnight lines.
   Left alone now, the parties all over,
   played it close too many times.
   Dancing in the desert,
   dust stinging in your eyes.
   Took a mischance of fortune,
   too make you realize.
   A simple toss of ivory dice,
   twisting, twining, threads of fate.
   Caught up, lost in the dream,
   now hope it is not too late.
   Once you have become,
   you can be no more.
   Pick the path to follow,
   try to learn the score.
A poem written to a friend lost between the lines
delliversagain Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2003   General Artist
Interesting poem; glad I looked at it a second time. At first I was going to point out a couple of cliches I didn't like in here (the "silver lining" part) but it seemed to work with the overall mood.

Immediately, for some reason, the movie " Requiem for a Dream" comes to mind when I read this and think of those who gamble in life for the soul purpose of achieving better things.

This poem to me is really about humanity in that sense and the final 2 lines of advice sums up the solution quite simply to the complexities of the 22 lines preceding it.

Pretty good poem.
lost-but-found Featured By Owner May 7, 2003
/the party can never start// until you make the scene/ that's really romantic.
Sya Featured By Owner May 7, 2003  Professional General Artist
A simple toss of ivory dice,
twisting, twining, threads of fate.

Beautiful! ::sighs::
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May 7, 2003


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