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Fighting the loss of fantasy,
Pushing myself into sleep.
Wishing the sun would never rise,
It comes and I begin to weep.
Dancing through the dreams,
Defending the fading tatters.
Each representing happiness,
Trying to find the one that matters.
Crystalline like a shattered mirror,
Each shard darkening to coal.
Flying away upon the wind,
As the sun begins piecing my soul.
The warm light envelops me,
And away the illusion sold.
Disintegrating into dust,
Like a vampire of old.
I catch a momentary glimpse,
From the corner of my eye.
One aura covered fragment,
As it quickly passes by.
Tearing me across half the world,
Reality begins ripping me apart.
I stand with only a memory,
And the sure beating of my heart.
Looking hard I see a golden cord,
Love connecting across the miles.
Bringing to me, the smell of her hair,
And the angelic brilliance of her smiles.
Remembering the brush of her lips,
I cry out for the beauty of her name.
Can still feel her touch upon me,
Realizing nothing will be the same.
For I know in the future,
In the very mists of memory.
That all will coalesce,
Bringing her back to me.
I wrote this years and years ago reflecting on a lost love and my hopes for the future
Sya Featured By Owner May 8, 2003  Professional General Artist
I have a feeling it turned out well for you.
lost-but-found Featured By Owner May 8, 2003
aw... that's wicked sweet.
poepel Featured By Owner May 8, 2003
if years ago this was your hope for the future...well, how did it turn out?
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May 8, 2003


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